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What is a Slingaroo?

The Kangaroo Kids’ Slingaroo is a variation on the traditional fabric sling that mothers all over the world wear to keep their baby close, while having their hands free to easily go about their day. Wearing your baby also reminds him/her of the comfort, motion, and balance he or she enjoyed in the womb. This calming reminder helps to keep baby from becoming over-stimulated, to nurse well, and to feel absolutely secure.

The Slingaroo is different from other store-bought slings in that there is no padding, allowing you to manipulate the fabric tightly and securely around your baby. The long piece of fabric running through the ring makes it adaptable for people of all sizes to use the same sling. Also essential to the Slingaroo is the sash, which lets you nurse discreetly if you so choose to. You’ll also find that the sash is an ideal burp cloth!

Machine washable, poly-cotton blend and available in numerous prints and colors, the Slingaroo is made in St. Louis by Nina, a professional seamstress and fellow slinging and nursing mom. Buy one here.

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