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Nursing Bras and Nursing Bra Fittings in St. Louis

Increased sensitivity and changes in breast size are one of the first signs of pregnancy. As you await your new baby, you will probably notice some breast change happening and you might start to feel uncomfortable in your bras. Your rib cage expands during pregnancy increasing your band size and cup size also increases for most women. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough–don’t let an ill-fitting bra make you feel worse! A nursing bra should be purchased as soon as a regular bra is no longer comfortable or supportive. Breastfeeding women often need to purchase different sizes as they nurse to accommodate fluctuating breast size. For instance, you may find that as milk supply regulates, your cup size will too.

At Kangaroo Kids, we offer a large variety of nursing bra and tank styles available from 32A-44K from top lines such as Bravado Designs, Cake Lingerie, and Glamourmom.

Not sure what you need and in what size? No problem! Our certified bra fitters have the proper training and experience to make sure you get the bra that is just right for you whatever stage you’re at—an essential part of feeling comfortable and confident.

Come experience a “Bra-Miracle” at Kangaroo Kids!

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