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Sell Your Stuff. We Make It Easy!


Just a few easy steps and you’ll be on your way to making cash for your gently loved baby, kids and maternity items!

Our buying is brand and quality driven to ensure an excellent shopping experience for our customers. We handpick every item to make sure our entire inventory is current and in great condition. The choosier we are when buying, the better selection you will have when you shop! If you would buy it at Kangaroo Kids, chances are someone else would, too!

Please remember that all items must be:

  • Clean
  • Odor free
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Free of stains, tears, and missing buttons.
  • Free of wash wear: fading, pilling, cracking.

Please note that we do not buy clothing from smoking households.

We are looking for name brand, excellent condition: shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, outfits, dresses and shoes, jumperoos, walkers, cribs, exersaucers, highchairs, pack’n plays, bassinets, Dock-a-tots, co-sleepers, potty seats, space saver high chairs, activity tables, toys, Bumbo seats, bouncy seats and rockers, swings, Mamaroos, baby carriers, backpack carriers, bike trailers, tricycles, scooters, play houses, kids table and chairs, slides, outdoor play items and more!

Please go through your items and only send the best stuff that meets our standards set above.  The items that you can’t send because they don’t meet our criteria can be picked up by Helping Hand Me Downs of St. Louis by calling 314-328-1359 and setting it up with them.  Then all the stuff you would like out of your house will be gone and you will have reclaimed your space! Yay!

Please note, that some things aren’t even worth donating, let alone trying to sell, please put these items in your trash or recycle bin and don’t donate them and definitely don’t send them to Kangaroo Kids!

A great way to organize your items is to have three boxes:

  1. Resale Box:  this is the best stuff.  No stains, tears, wash wear, etc.  It is current and in like new or excellent to good used condition.  This is the stuff you could see yourself buying second hand because it is still in great condition.
  2. Donate Box:  These items still have some life left but you couldn’t see yourself paying more than a dollar or two for them. They might have a little fading, a small stain, not have all its pieces, etc.
  3. Trash or Recycling Box: These items are done or “tired” as we call them;)  They have had a good run but no one really wants to even be given these let alone paying anything for them.  They are stained, worn, threadbare, faded, the knees are out, there are holes, it’s broken, etc.


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