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Meet the Owner


Sierra Cortazzo enlists the best when she needs help. In 2003, right after her first son was born, she needed a non-judgmental place to connect with other moms. She found that informative and caring atmosphere at a breastfeeding support group led by Tanya Griffin, the founder and then-owner of Kangaroo Kids. Tanya and Sierra became friends and Sierra often helped at the store. It was a natural evolution when, in 2004, Tanya turned to Sierra and her husband, Eric, about assuming ownership of Kangaroo Kids. Coincidentally, Sierra and Eric learned they were expecting their second son, Lucca, that same day!

Since then, Sierra, a full-time mother, lactation specialist, and entrepreneur, has built upon Kangaroo Kids’ success by creating a thriving business and empowering mothers to meet their babies’ needs. Her sensitivity and lactation counseling methods have helped thousands of mothers and their babies. She can be found most often in the store, often wearing a customer’s baby in a Slingaroo.

When she’s not at Kangaroo Kids, Sierra enjoys practicing yoga, reading, seeing live music, and spending time outdoors with her family.

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