At Kangaroo Kids, our skilled staff of Certified Lactation Counselors provide private, focused, compassionate, and affordable breastfeeding support services as you embark on this remarkable journey.

Getting Prepared

Prenatal Consultation

Getting expectant moms off to a great start—before baby is born—is key to breastfeeding success! We encourage you to bring all of your anxious thoughts and concerns to us, and we will help to ease your mind. Just making a connection with someone who can help before you actually need it can make a difference in your confidence that things will go well! If you are pregnant with multiples, have had a breast reduction, problems with breastfeeding in the past, or just have questions, we want to be your source for answers and education—before baby is here!

Approx 1 hour consult for $60

The Journey Begins

Postnatal Consultation

We look forward to welcoming your little one to the world and helping you with any difficulties you might encounter as you begin breastfeeding your baby. As your baby grows and develops, you may find that new challenges arise, so whether your baby is 3 days old or 3 months old, we have the experience to help you find solutions and support. At our postnatal consultation, we will provide guidance for a successful breastfeeding experience.

The Details

Ideally, we would like to chat with you for 15 minutes before your baby is ready to eat but we are on baby time so whatever the situation, we will make it work! Please bring your pump and parts, if you have one so we can make sure you know how to use it most effectively.  If your baby is being supplemented with either pumped milk or formula, please bring a bottle of supplement-breast milk or formula just in case. Sometimes babies are just not drinking at the breast and may need some extra milk during the visit.

Count on being in your consult for a full 2 hours. Please do not hold off feeding your baby if he or she needs to eat prior to the consultation. However, please do not give your baby formula beforehand, unless that is currently your baby’s main source of nutrition.

You are encouraged to bring dad or grandmother with you. Our private office (we call it “The Pouch”) is cozy, though, so please invite only one extra person. 

The Fine Print

  • Fee for an approx 2 hour postnatal consultation is $150.
  • Consultation includes an emailed summary.
  • Consultation includes unlimited phone, text, and/or email access for follow up as needed.
  • You will receive a paid invoice that you can submit to your insurance company or FSA/HSA for possible reimbursement. Plans vary, so check with your provider for coverage.
  • Payment is due at the time of service (cash or check preferred).

SPOTLIGHT ON SIERRA, Certified Lactation Counselor

Kangaroo Kids’ owner, Sierra Cortazzo, is a mom and a Certified Lactation Counselor. Her compassion and skills have helped thousands of mothers and their babies overcome breastfeeding challenges, such as trouble with positioning and technique, painful latches, tongue and lip tie, and low or no weight gain.

“A woman’s body is powerful and capable of nourishing her little one,” says Sierra, who found compassion and guidance at Kangaroo Kids when she was a new mom in 2003.

Now the owner and Certified Lactation Counselor for more than 16 years, Sierra brings her own depth of experience and empathy to nursing moms, helping them to achieve their breastfeeding or pumping goals.

Read more of Sierra's Story. 

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