Congratulations! You are officially part of the Kangaroo Kids Family. Welcome! (or welcome back!)

Here is how our relationship works:

1. You choose to either DONATE or SELL your items to Kangaroo Kids. The choice is yours, of course!  We appreciate any extra margins during this time of normal business interruption.  If you are in a position to donate your items to us, we are so grateful!  If you are selling to us, that’s great too!  In that case, you will also choose how you would like to get paid…in cash (electronically) or store credit.  Store credit is always a higher offer than cash and it never expires.  We are happy to report that you can use your store credit on our new website that features all our RESALE and NEW RETAIL available for purchase! 

2. You choose either NO-CONTACT DROP OFF your items (Tues-Fri 12p-6p & Sat 12p-4p) on the sidewalk outside Kangaroo Kids’ entrance OR arrange for our FEE-BASED PICKUP SERVICE via Arch Express, a local courier.

If you choose to drop off yourself, there is no appointment needed.  CLEARLY MARK all your containers and/or large items with your name, phone number and email address. You can drop off anytime during our current temporary business hours: Tuesday - Friday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm & Saturday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  You can leave them on the sidewalk outside Kangaroo Kids entrance.  There will always be someone at the shop during those times to gather your items inside safely.

If you choose the pickup service, you are responsible for half of the Arch Express fee.  This half will be deducted from the offer for the items you sell. (If your items are worth   $20 and the fee is $10, you can expect to receive $15 from Kangaroo Kids).

We have set up 2 levels of pick up/delivery fee:

Type A is a smaller load, up to 4 boxes, bins or bags and is typically $10              (split with KKids = $5 deducted from your offer).. 

Type B is pickups larger than Type A or pickups that include baby gear,                equipment or furniture and is typically $20 (Split with KKids = $10                        deducted from your offer). 

Items chosen to be picked up and delivered to Kangaroo Kids by Arch                Express will be screened before they are “pick up approved” to not waste            anyone’s time, money or space.

The delivery fee may be higher if you are sending large or unusually                    shaped items. In that case, the amount will be agreed upon prior to pick              up.

If you have chosen to donate all the items picked up by Arch Express,                Kangaroo Kids will cover the delivery fee. And we thank you very much              for helping us get through this difficult time by donating your portion of                the proceeds to us!

3. Once your items are received by Kangaroo Kids, they will sit for 3 days inside our shop, then we will assess the items. The amount you receive as payment for your items is based on our assessment of the resale value. This assessment is non-negotiable. Please remember that we only offer a bulk price as opposed to an itemized list. In general, …

    For clothing, shoes, books, small toys, and accessories we offer:
    • 30% of resale value in cash or
    • 40% of resale value in store credit
    For gear, equipment, furniture, large toys and high demand items you will receive:
    • 50% of resale value in cash or
    • 60% of resale value in store credit

    Cash offers will be paid through your Venmo, PayPal or check. It is important that you provide accurate account information to ensure that you receive the funding.  Store credit awards do not expire and will be applied to your in-store account. You store credit is available for you to use during checkout IN THE SHOPPING CART on our website.

    4. We will email you once your items have been reviewed and an offer will be made. We email so that we can send pictures of the pile of items we want to purchase and one of the items that are coming back to you.  If you accept the offer, payment will be made the same day of acceptance.  The assessment of sellable items is entirely at the discretion of Kangaroo Kids.

    5. You may pick up any items we deemed not suitable for Kangaroo Kids anytime during our temporary business hours.  Both in-store pick up or curbside pickup options are available.  If you'd like curbside, simply call us from the parking lot and we will then place your items outside the door for your retrieval. You also may choose to donate these items.  We donate weekly to Helping Hand Me Downs of St. Louis.

    Please remember that all items must be:

    • Clean
    • Odor free
    • Wrinkle-free
    • Free of stains, tears, and missing buttons.
    • Free of wash wear: fading, pilling, cracking.
    • Name brands

    Please note that we do not buy clothing from smoking households.

    It is possible that all the items you give to Kangaroo Kids for assessment may end up being deemed unsuitable for Kangaroo Kids. But we hope not because we really want great stuff and we do not want to waste anyone’s time or effort.  We make clear what we are looking for on our "Sell Your Stuff" tab on our website so you can avoid sending us things we cannot accept.  During normal in person business, on average, we accept about 40% of what is sent.  We are hoping to increase that average by clearly educating our sellers on what to send.