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Our skilled staff of lactation specialists provides private, focused, compassionate and affordable breastfeeding support services to the community–call now for our next available appointment! (314) 835-9200

Why Choose Kangaroo Kids Breastfeeding Support Services?

-St. Louis’ only full-service breastfeeding resource center

-17 year track record of nurturing support and evidence-based information

-Our credentialed lactation specialists are mothers with personal experience

-In depth classes available for a range of parent and baby needs

-Community resources and information

-Maternity, nursing and newborn items all under one roof!

Prenatal Consultation:  

You are lucky indeed to learn these little known secrets before your baby is born. Bring all of your anxious thoughts to us and we will quiet them.  If you are pregnant with multiples, have had a breast reduction, have had problems breastfeeding in the past or just have questions, you can’t go wrong with making a connection and getting educated before baby is here!

Fee is $50 for a 45 min prenatal appt

Breastfeeding (Postnatal) Consultation:

We look forward to meeting with you and your baby to help you figure out why you and baby are having a hard time. Before you leave you will know what to do to have a successful breastfeeding experience.  Many problems cannot be resolved with just one visit.  You may want to schedule your follow-up appt at the end of your initial appt. Basic questions can be answered over the phone or in email; however, breastfeeding problems can not be. You must be seen in person for us to correctly evaluate your individual situation.

Fee is $90 for a 90 min postnatal appt.

  • We will provide you with a paid invoice that you can submit to your insurance company or FSA/HSA for possible reimbursement.  Each plan is different be sure to check with your provider for what is covered.
  • We are on “baby time”. Count on a full 90 mins for the postnatal consultation (sometimes longer).  Please do not hold off breastfeeding your baby if he/she needs to eat prior to coming to our private office: The Pouch. However, please do not give your baby formula prior to the visit unless that is your baby’s main source of nutrition at this time.
  • Ideally, we would like to have about 15 minutes to talk with you before your baby is ready to eat. Please bring your pump if you have one and a bottle of supplement–breastmilk (if you are worried that your baby is not getting enough to eat, please pump and bring this milk with you to the visit) or formula (only if you are using any formula). This is just in case your baby wants a little more to eat.
  • Please Note: Sometimes babies are just not drinking at the breast and may need some extra milk during the visit.
  • You are encouraged to bring dad or grandmother with you. The Pouch is cozy so please only bring 1 extra person.
  • Payment is expected at the time of service (cash or check preferred).