Our customers take some of their time to write nice things about us on various websites. Here’s a few for your reading pleasure:
“Super organized. Very friendly staff. Really makes my life easier.”
“I have the staff and Nursing Moms groups to thank for my success in breast feeding my son. They are kind, patient and beyond helpful. I highly recommend a visit to Kangaroo Kids for all new nursing moms! They have wonderful slings as well. My number 1 favorite baby item.”
“Definately THE place to get a nursing bra.”
“Kangaroo Kids has awesome stuff and an awesome staff to back it!”
“I love their selection of nursing bras.”
“They have a great selection of resale and some new stuff. I love that everything is so nicely organized and in excellent condition. They have great toy areas where my son can play while I shop. He always asks if we can go to Kangaroo Kids!”

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