Lactation Specialists

Sierra Cortazzo: Mom, Owner, CLC

“A woman’s body is powerful and supremely capable of nourishing her little one.”–Sierra

When her first son Enzo was born in 2003, Sierra was surprised by the intensity of caring for a newborn. She found compassion and guidance at a breastfeeding support group led by Tanya Griffin, founder of Kangaroo Kids. She and Tanya became friends, and Sierra occasionally helped Tanya at the store. Due to Sierra’s commitment and belief in Kangaroo Kids’ core values, when Tanya announced she was moving in 2004, she approached Sierra and her husband about assuming ownership. Coincidentally, Sierra and Eric learned they were expecting their son Lucca the same day.

Over the past nine years as a full time mother and entrepreneur, Sierra has built a thriving business empowering mothers to meet their babies’ needs for nourishment and nurturance. Her sensitivity and counseling methods have helped thousands of mothers and their babies overcome challenges ranging from simple trouble with positioning and technique to tongue tie and failure-to-thrive.

She and her husband live in St. Louis with their two energetic kids Enzo, age eleven and Lucca, age nine. In her spare time, Sierra enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and spending time with her family outdoors.